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Edward E. Elias S. Arnér, Prof. Péter Nagy, Dr. Éva Dóka, Tamás Ditrói and Dr. Katalin Erdélyi at Semmelweis University. Miklós Geiszt, Semmelweis University, Dept.

The first marker of malignant disease in modern medicine was identified in by the English physician-chemist Henry Bence-Jones. Yet, at that time, of course, he was not aware that the protein named as Bence-Jones he discovered, was a pathogenic indicator of multiple myeloma. The classic era of tumour markers started in the s with the discovery of two leading oncofetal antigens, alpha-fetoprotein AFP and carcinoembryonic antigen CEA.

Janne Lehtiö, Dept. Ed Schmidt, Dept.

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John L. Christine Winterbourn, University of Otago Christchurch, Centre for Free Radical Research, Christchurch, New-Zealand Methods and equipment Metabolomics and proteomics platform Enzymatic activity, analysis of various metabolites and reactive sulfur species by mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography Thermo LTQ XL mass spectrometer EASY-nLC II nano HPLC · Thermo Scientific UltiMate HPLC with fluorescent detector Cell and tissue culture Investigation of human cancer cell lines — breast, lung, pancreas, melanoma Development of xenograft models in immune deficient mice Examination of neutrophil granulocytes isolated from human blood plasma Processsing of mouse tissue samples for metabolomics and proteomics sterile cell culture hoods, incubator, hypoxic chamber, microscope, etc.

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Tumor gondozoitanfolyam.hutic specific antigen(PSA),cancer antigen 15-3,cancer antigen-125 and PAP.

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