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Both animals were sacrificed in extremis approximately half and hour after dosing. Clinical signs were prostration, pale extremities, and slow laboured breathing. At necropsy the blood was found to be brown coloured.

Article Introduction Several previous prospective randomized trials and their meta-analysis proved that in the treatment of breast tumours, radiation therapy is an important part of breast conserving therapy.

Two males and two females were dosed for up to three days. One female was found dead and one was female sacrificed in extremis on the second day. Necropsy findings were autolysis and fluid distension of stomach for the female found dead.

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Pale liver and blood in urinary bladder were recorded for the sacrificed female. Both males survived the 3 day dosing period. One male was observed with piloerection on the first and second days.

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Male bodyweight gain was normal and no abnormalities were found at necropsy. Two males and two females were dosed for three days.

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All animals survived. No clinical signs of toxicity were observed and bodyweights were normal.

  • All animals survived scheduled study period.
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No abnormalities were observed at necropsy. Based on these effects, 25, 50, and were selected for the range finding study 14 days. Observations and examinations performed and frequency: Mortality checks were performed twice daily.

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Blood samples were obtained twice, by puncture of the retro-orbital sinus, under light ether anaesthesia; one sample was taken 4 hours after dosing for mathaemoglobin level only and a second sample was taken 24 hours after dosing and after overnight fast.

The location, colour, shape and size of any abnormalities were recorded. The following organs, dissected from fat and other contiguous tissue, were weighed: adrenals, brain, heart, kidneys, liver, ovaries, spleen, testes and thymus.

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In the first instance the above tissues were not processed further for histopathology. If a significant ANOVA was found the differences were determined using t-tests carried out between prostate size normal values control group and the treatment groups.

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Non-parametric testing was carried out using a Krustal-Wallis test for between group differences. If a significant between group differences was found, Wilcoxon rank sum test was used to compare the treatment group with the control group.

Deuterium Depletion May Delay the Progression of Prostate Cancer

One male was found dead on day 3 was observed with pale eyes and Népi kezelések Hron Prosztatitis, a small amount of blood around the prostate size normal values area, slight incoordination and piloerection. One female when found dead, was observed with blood around the vulva.

Because of the high mortality in this group all survivors, although appearing healthy, were sacrificed on day 3; consequently bodyweights, food consumption, haematology and urinalysis were not assessed for this group.

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Food efficiency: Water consumption and compound intake if drinking water study : not specified.